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Our Team


The passionate owner, and spray tan queen.

Jessica's dream for Luxury Tanning began in her small kitchen back in 2013. Trained as a Chemical Engineering Technologist. Jessica learning about the chemistry behind formulating sunless solutions, and set out to develop her own standard within the industry.

After offering spray tans at our Uptown location for 4 years, the dream of Luxury Beauty came to life.

Maggie Curlew

Designer. Fancy. Flawless. Sparkly. Just a few words to describe the gel nails Maggie likes to achieve. Want those nails, that you've just never been able to have before: Pinterest, celebrity inspired, Swarovski encrusted, multi-shifting chrome nails? Maggie is your girl. Short and sweet, or extra long and devilish.

Our very own Luxapolish Ambassador! Using the Full LuxaPolish line.


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Elisa Brown

We are thrilled to welcome Elisa to our Uptown team. She will be running the show, offering manicures, gel nails, pedicures, & Lash extensions. Catch her Monday to Friday while our building is still open, and you will not be disappointed! Having worked in an Aveda Spa for 4 years, Elisa will give you the highest quality service and professionalism.

Spray Tanning Uptown can still be booked with Jessica.

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